Social Security Disability Attorney in Michigan with 248Lawyers P.C.

Although the social security process can be difficult, 248Lawyers can help when your social security disability claim is denied. Call 248Lawyers and put our 90% win record to work for you.

Once your claim is denied, you have 65 days from the denial date to appeal. At 248 Lawyers P.C., our social security disability attorneys will make sure you get the right benefits for your case.

Most people think the system is precise and clear cut. Furthermore, they’re discouraged when the first claim is denied and believe their chances are reduced if they appeal the decision. However, this is not true since the system often grants appeals when compelling evidence proves the claimant deserves social security benefits.

However please note:

You only have 65 days to file for a social security disability attorney to file an appeal.

It’s imperative to take prompt action and file an appeal for the denial of social security benefits. Your chances to receive benefits increase when you file in a timely manner .

The Social Security Administration (SSA) agency is responsible for granting or denying your claim. Furthermore, the SSA is a federal agency that oversees the national social security system. Therefore, the SSA determines the eligibility of two different benefits offered by the agency. 248 Lawyers P.C. disability attorney will optimize your chances with both types of benefits.
Although a Social Security disability attorney is not necessary, here are some of the benefits when a 248Lawyers represents your matter:

  • It’s free until we win your case.
  • Our social security disability (SSD) benefits lawyers will often get you higher benefits.
  • In many cases you receive more benefits even after the deduction of fees.

A free consultation with a Social Security disability attorney is just one click away.

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